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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Once upon a time, there was a tiny dream.
« Serbian »
Nekoć , onde je jedan malen san.
Whilom , beyond had a mean dream.
fancy a quick nibble?
« Croatian »
fantazija brzo grickati?
phantasy quick nibble?
you smell like tuna fish bitch
« Latin »
vos nidor amo tuna piscis piscis bitch
you vapor to love tuna fish bitch
Barry Manilow The Greatest Songs of the Eighties Watch the Clip Here!
« Finnish »
Kasarmi Kiihko Erinomainen Laulelma -lta Kahdeksan Katsella Keritä Tähän!
Barracks Transport Splendid Tune from Eight Watch Clip Here!
by Joe W-M
butt face
« Japanese »
Bat surface
Frail blades o' grass can break through concrete.
« Latin »
Fragilitas vesica o' gramen can effrego per concrete.
Frailty bladder o' grass can break very growing-together.
i like trains
« Latin »
ego amo syrma
I to love sirma
I will lure humans in, and they will make the world.
« Slovenian »
jaz hoteti vaba človeški vedno isto , bojo izdelovanje svet.
yours truly yammer temptation mortally in and in , they will be manufacture the World.
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