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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say Ni at will to old ladies.
« German »
Oh, welche traurigen Zeiten diese wenn sind, kann das Führen der Grobiane Ni zu den alten Damen nach Belieben sagen.
Oh, which sad times are these if, can say a leading of the Grobiane Ni to the old ladies as desired.
« Dutch »
het fucking
the fucking
I want to have sex with hot naked guys.
« Japanese »
We would like to possess the characteristic where the person where I am hot and expose has been attached.
Hello I hate you my dear!
« Korean »
여보세요 나는 당신을 나의 귀중한 미워한다!
Woman bond you me is valuable and hates! where
Can you can a can as a canner can can a can
« Dutch »
Kan u kan a kan aangezien een inmaker kan a kan kan
Be possible you is possible a is possible since inmaker are possible a are possible be possible
I would really have a happy if I had some buttermilk pancakes in front of me.
« German »
Ich würde wirklich ein glückliches haben, wenn ich einige Buttermilchpfannkuchen vor mir aß.
I would really have a happy, if I unite butter milk pancakes before me ASS.
Well I'll be.
« Korean »
좋은 I' ll는 있다.
Good I' Is ll.
You are the most adorable beautiful person I've ever known.
« Japanese »
最も愛らしく美しい人I'である; 知られているve。
The lovely most beautiful person I& It is the #039; Ve which is known.
by kvanger
I would really have a happy if I had some buttermilk pancakes in front of me.
« Chinese (simplified) »
If I edible a cream breast thin fried cake I will have happily truly in front of me one.
« Welsh »
oera, oeri, oerwch, ymoera, ymoeri, ymoerwch, 'n ddidaro, 'n glaear, 'n hunan-feddiannol, 'n oer, 'n oeraidd, 'n oerllyd, claear
I cool , cool , you cool , I cool , cool , you cool , ' heartburn unaffected , ' heartburn lukewarm , ' heartburn composed , ' heartburn cold , ' heartburn coldish , ' heartburn chilly , lukewarm
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