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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they are going to be when you kill them.
« Latin »
stolidus populus reputo vos es , quantum admiratio they ire futurus ut vos iuguolo lemma.
slow of mind populace to reckon you are , how much wonder they to go to be when you to cut the throat theme.
liar, liar, pants on fire
« Italian »
bugiardo, bugiardo, pantaloni su fuoco
bugiardo, bugiardo, pants on fire
Kiss my black ass and go fuck your mother.
« Japanese »
Kiss to the donkey where I am black, the sexual intercourse your mother go.
by mp
real men wear jeans real boys wear jeans image supplied courtesy of kamikaze casual clothing all rights strictly reserved
« Japanese »
The boy of substance of the jeans of the men's wear of substance has learned the courtesy which is supplied by the image of the jeans of the casual clothing of [kamikaze] which all rights guarantee harshly
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« Latin »
leviculus offensus profundus Click smiley ut suffragium is sursum!
empty-headed offense deep Click smiley when church province this upwards!
Snap Crackle Pop
« Italian »
Schiocco a schiocco di Crackle
I crack to I crack of Crackle
fancy a quick nibble?
« Croatian »
fantazija brzo grickati?
phantasy quick nibble?
the wall is to big for any man to climb, except john.
« Japanese »
For all people who should rise excluding John, it is large there is a wall.
by luke :D
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate is the path of the Dark Side.
« Norwegian »
Rank innlede å sinne. Sinne innlede å hat. Hat er forbindelsesveien av det Mørk Side.
Fearless launch to fierceness. Fierceness launch to hat. Hat am the path at facts Black Agedown.
Barry Manilow The Greatest Songs of the Eighties Watch the Clip Here!
« Finnish »
Kasarmi Kiihko Erinomainen Laulelma -lta Kahdeksan Katsella Keritä Tähän!
Barracks Transport Splendid Tune from Eight Watch Clip Here!
by Joe W-M
Nice shirts like you!