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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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See? What did I tell you? Look down!
« Slovenian »
zagledati kakšen did jaz pripovedati vi? gleldati dol!
view what kind of did yours truly tell you? gleldati valley!
May the force be with you
« Slovenian »
maj moč biti s kom vi
may vivacity prevent you
great sex
« Korean »
중대한 성
The characteristic which is serious
Who's your daddy?
« Welsh »
A s 'ch dad?
I go sound ' dogs father?
« Turkish »
dişi köpek, kancık, karı, orospu, dırdır etmek, kafa şişirmek
bitch , bitch , wife , prostitute , carp , bitch
The dream was so tiny. Nobody knew who dreamt it.
« Serbian »
Određeni član san je tako sićušan. Niko je znao tko san to.
The dream had upravo microscopic. Any had znao who dream it.
i don't speak russian
« Slovenian »
jaz prepoved slišati se ruski
yours truly proscription speak Russian
magic metal pipe of pain
« Latin »
veneficus metal pipio of poena
poisonous metal to chirp of pain
Who is the next Alice?
« Latin »
Quisnam est tunc Alice?
Quidnam is then Spelled?
I've liked you for a thousand years, a thousand years.
« Welsh »
Fi ve caredig 'ch achos fil blynedd , fil blynedd.
I ve kind ' dogs because bill years , bill years.
Nice shirts like you!