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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Snap Crackle Pop
« Italian »
Schiocco a schiocco di Crackle
I crack to I crack of Crackle
fancy a quick nibble?
« Croatian »
fantazija brzo grickati?
phantasy quick nibble?
the wall is to big for any man to climb, except john.
« Japanese »
For all people who should rise excluding John, it is large there is a wall.
by luke :D
you smell like tuna fish bitch
« Latin »
vos nidor amo tuna piscis piscis bitch
you vapor to love tuna fish bitch
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate is the path of the Dark Side.
« Norwegian »
Rank innlede å sinne. Sinne innlede å hat. Hat er forbindelsesveien av det Mørk Side.
Fearless launch to fierceness. Fierceness launch to hat. Hat am the path at facts Black Agedown.
I would rather you not touch me there
« Japanese »
I on the other hand do not touch there in me
what in the world would i do with a carrot a prostitute an egg and tree gallons of nair? well i have $5,000 for you if you let me find out
« Spanish »
¿qué haría con una zanahoria a una prostitute un huevo y los galones del árbol de nair? tengo bien $5.000 para usted si usted me deja descubrir
what would make with a carrot to one prostitute an egg and the gallons of the tree of nair? I have $5,000 for you well if you let discover to me
Water and Oil cannot be mixed.
« Japanese »
The water and oil are mixed.
by FireBeard 20X6
give me a beer.
« Slovenian »
izročiti mi a pivo.
turn in we however stone-fence.
by Laurunchik
This bitchy behavior should not be allowed
« Czech »
Tato čubka fungování požadovat ne být dovolil
This bitch functioning should no subsist allowed
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