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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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let us come then you and I, while the evening is spread against the sky...
« Croatian »
pustiti nas dogoditi se onda te i Ja , kratak vremenski razmak večer je protezati prema podneblje.
let us happen then these plus I , while dinner had spread versus sky.
by katy
« English »
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
« German »
Tun Sie an andere, da Sie sie an Sie würden tun lassen.
Do to others, since you would let them do to you.
I must be emo, because I do not jump when I go to shows.
« Japanese »
Because as for me when I go to show, I do not jump, it becomes emo.
i swear i never eat whale
« Japanese »
I swear that I never do not eat the whale
by onyachamp
How would one think one says this?
« Korean »
누구든개는 어떻게 1를 말하는가 이것을 생각할는가 것입니다?
Who holds and folds and 1 says will think this is a thing how?
by Mike
George Bush gives killer hand jobs.
« Korean »
George Bush는 살인자 손 일을 준다.
George Bush give a murderer hand work.
by toadpole
for every two there is a third to cast a shadow
« Romanian »
pentru fiecare doi acolo is un al treilea la spre castel un a umbri
for either two yonder is an third at at castle an shade
Ring the bell for maid service.
« Chinese (simplified) »
Sounds bell which the servant serves.
by David Minger
I think you are the best thing since sliced bread!
« Japanese »
I think of that it means that ever since of the pan which is sliced is best!
Nice shirts like you!