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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Destructive monkey, stop pooing please.
« Danish »
Nedbrydende abekat , stop pooing behage.
Subversive copycat , stop pooing please.
A person to whom, under dire injunctions of silence, you tell a secret which you wish to be far more widely known.
« Japanese »
Which, in secret and under the order whose silence is tremendous, the person where you know say whether we would like to be wide much.
Here's looking at you, kid.
« Slovenian »
na zdravje ki je videti v vi , nesmisel.
here's how looking within you , without rime or reason.
Everybody Wang Chung tonight.
« Chinese (traditional) »
Everybody Wang now Wan Zhong.
English to Croatian and back again. See what's lost (or gained) in translation
« Croatian »
Engleski jezik to Hrvatski i leđa opet. Vidjeti što izgubljen ( ili onaj koji dobiva ) in prevođenje
English this Croatian plus caudal redistribute. To see which undone ( or gainer in the translation
a jew, a mexican and a coloured guy walk into a bar. the barman looks up and says "get the fuck out of here"
« Russian »
еврейство, мексиканец и покрашенная ванта гуляют в адвокатское сословие. barman смотрит вверх и говорит " получите fuck из here"
jews, Mexican and colored guy go for a walk into the bar. barman looks upward and he speaks " you will obtain fuck from here"
Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.
« Japanese »
不法侵入者は打撃である。 生存者は再度撃たれる。
The illegal intruder is shock. The survivor shoots for the second time.
Good god James, how did you end up in Scotland!?
« Filipino »
mabuti diyos James , paano did ka tapusin pataasin di Scotland!?
beneficial god James , how did you terminate up in Scotland!?
techcrunch is really shit
« Chinese (simplified) »
techcrunch defecates truly
I enjoy consuming alcoholic beverages.
« Japanese »
I enjoy the fact that the alcohol beverage is consumed.
Nice shirts like you!