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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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my tomato's are the best ones on this farm
« Japanese »
私のtomato' sはこの農場の最もよい物ある
My tomato' As for s there are some where this farm is best
Play him off, Keyboard Cat.
« Serbian »
Igra njemu undress , Tipkovnica Mačka.
Game him undress , Keyboard Cat.
Someone please to explain to me what Jesus is doing on this slice of toast?
« Filipino »
isang tao masiyahan sa ipaliwanag sa ako ano heswita ay kagagawan sa ito hiwain ng tustahin?
freak please toward account toward me what jesuit are doing toward it slice of toast?
by Aepheh
« English »
by WTF
English to Korean and back again. See what's lost (or gained) in translation
« Korean »
영어를 한국어로와 뒤 다시. what'를 보십시오; s는 (또는 얻었다) 잃었다 번역에서
English and after again with the Korean language. what& See #039; s (or got,) from the translation which loses
swine flu
« Italian »
influenza dei maiali
infuence of the pigs
by biczar
Would you like to touch my naughty bits?
« Korean »
당신은 나의 장난꾸러기 조금을 만지고 싶은가 하고자 했는가?
You touched my mischievous child a little and under boil?
nek ti pas jebe majku
« English »
nek you dog bloody mother
nek te pas krvav majka
O U S a chicken
« Croatian »
O U S Chicago
Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!
« Icelandic »
Fjandinn the tundurskeyti! Fullur hraði á undan )!
Shit the torpedo! Full speed before )!
by JR
Nice shirts like you!