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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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I like to eat cheese with women
« Japanese »
I like the fact that the cheese where the woman has been attached is eaten
Holy fuck! My penis is on fire! Good God, get the water!
« Chinese (simplified) »
圣洁性交! 我的阴茎着火! 好上帝,得到水!
Holy sexual intercourse! My penis catches fire! Good God, obtains the water!
by CReRE
I think I know I mean a yes but it's all wrong, that is I think I disagree.
« Czech »
JÁ cenit JÁ vŘdŘt JÁ mít v úmyslu jeden ano aby ne it's celek nesprávný , to jest JÁ cenit JÁ hádat se.
SELF weigh SELF know SELF mean a ay lest it's a total of wrong , that is SELF weigh SELF wrangle.
by AD2353
flip flop
« Spanish »
fracaso de tirón
pull failure
I love books. It is people I don't get. That's why I enjoy being alone.
« Latin »
EGO diligo libri. Is est populus EGO don't adepto. Ut quare EGO utor solitas.
I to value highly book. This is populace I don't to obtain. When wherefore I to use lonliness.
White House reacts to jobs report
« Chinese (simplified) »
The White House rebels deals with the job report
I love shit like this.
« Spanish »
Amo mierda como esto.
Master excrement like this.
Take off all of your clothes.
« Portuguese »
Descole toda sua roupa.
Its clothes unglue all.
by Skullworld
a pipa do vovô não sobe mais, apesar de fazer muita força o vovô foi passado pra trás.
« German »
das Rohr von vovô geht nicht mehr hinauf, obgleich, viel Kraft vovô zu bilden pra rückwärts verabschiedet wurde.
a tubulação do vovô não ascensão, embora, muito Kraft seja vovô para trás descarregado para dar forma ao pra.
i heart boobs
« Japanese »
You fail I center
by menatwork
Nice shirts like you!