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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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If you would shower at least once per week, your clothes wouldn't smell.
« Japanese »
1週あたりに少なくとも一度沢山与えたら、あなたの衣服wouldn' tの臭い。
When one time Sawayama it gives at least in such as 1 weeks, your clothing wouldn' The smell of t.
Quero traduzir este texto para o ingles só para ver como é que fica
« English »
I want to translate this text for the English to only see as it is that it is
Eu quero traduzir este texto para o inglês para ver somente porque é que é
It isn`t premarital sex if you have no intention of getting married.
« Italian »
Esso sesso prematrimoniale del `t di isn se non fate sposare intenzione di ottenere.
It pre-nuptial sex of the `t of isn if fairies not to marry intention to obtain.
There's something to be said for subtlety.
« Japanese »
There' s機微のために言われることを何か。
There' What being said minute because of the s machine?
by Jessica C.
They see me rolling, they hating, patrolling, and trying to catch me riding dirty
« Korean »
그들은 저를 회전, 미워하고, 경비하고, 저를 붙잡는 것을 시도해 더러운 승차 본다
They rotate me, to hate, they guard, the fact that seizes me and they attempt riding in a car they see
mi corazon es tuyo, asi que cuidalo....
« Spanish »
tuyo del es del corazon del MI, cuidalo del que del asi….
yours of it is of the heart of MY, cuidalo del that of thus….
by eva
« Welsh »
anger, an anger, wrath, a wrath, Gower
pau no cu do surdo
« English »
wood in cu of the deaf person
madeira no cu da pessoa surda
I would gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today.
« Welsh »
Fi would 'n falch dalu 'ch Dydd Mawrth achos a hamburger heddiw.
I would ' heartburn proud pay ' dogs Tuesday because I go hamburger today.
tom has a hot ass.
« Japanese »
There is a hot donkey in [tomu].
Nice shirts like you!