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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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A man does not do kissing, he fucks, and he fucks hard
« French »
Un homme ne fait pas des baisers, il baise, et il baise dur
A man does not make kisses, he kisses, and he kisses hard
I was wondering if a lovely young man like you would be willing to join me for an invigorating cup of tea.
« Czech »
JÁ was divení se -li jeden krásný mladík do téže míry tebe chtěl bych být ochotný až k spojit mne do neurč. člen osvěžit číše of čaj.
SELF was wondering li a neat stripling like you would subsist accommodating to merge me up neurč. member sweeten goblet of tea.
by Maria
At least I have chicken.
« Japanese »
At least there is a chicken in me.
by Archonus
Your mom was good in bed.
« Japanese »
Your mother may be the bed.
my balls itch
« Korean »
나의 공은 가려워한다
My public affairs does itchy
Who cares? It's no like anybody saw you.
« Japanese »
だれが気遣うか。 It' 誰でものようなsのNOは会わなかった。
Someone worries? It' NO of s the thing way with someone did not meet.
Like shooting fish in a barrel
« Italian »
Come i pesci della fucilazione in un barilotto
Like the fish of the execution in a keg
Sham wow!
« Japanese »
Wow of lie!
by Foster
There is more than one way to skin a cat.
« Japanese »
More it is from the one-way which tears off the skin of the cat.
please do not feed the fish
« Icelandic »
þóknast gera ekki fæða the fiskur
satisfy do not give birth to the fishy
Nice shirts like you!