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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Fuck you all up with your suits and ties and your fucking seals, with their balls and barking, just like Bob Barker with his spaying and controlling the pet population.
« French »
Baisez-vous tout vers le haut avec vos costumes et cravates et vos joints foutus, avec leurs boules et l'écorcement, juste comme Bob Barker avec le sien qui spaying et qui commande la population d'animal familier.
Kiss you upwards with your costumes and ties and your joints foutus, with their balls and l' barking, just like Bob Barker with his which spaying and which orders the population d' familiar animal.
Cut down a tree with a herring? It can't be done.
« Filipino »
gupitin itumba a punungkahoy kumuha a herring? ito can't maaari done.
snip down a tree withdraw a herring? it can't possible done.
your are duck arse wanking to a whores knickers flying upsidedown backwards after a cow that just had had smelly shite
« Dutch »
uw zijn eend arse wanking aan whores korte broek die ondersteboven achteruit na een koe vliegen die net stinkende shite had gehad
your its duck arse wanking to WHO res had had shorts which upside down reverse flies after a cow those exactly stinking shite
I find amputees erotic
« Japanese »
I sensuality find the cutting patient
« Latin »
partum, peperi, pario, genero
to bear , to bear , to bear , to beget
by Akrid
Skunk spray is delicious.
« Spanish »
El aerosol de la mofeta es delicioso.
The aerosol of the firedamp is delicious.
Feed the fish. Get a shirt!
« Russian »
Подайте рыбы. Получите рубашку!
Give fish. You will obtain jacket!
i have a hot ass
« Japanese »
There is a hot donkey in me
Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say Ni at will to old ladies.
« German »
Oh, welche traurigen Zeiten diese wenn sind, kann das Führen der Grobiane Ni zu den alten Damen nach Belieben sagen.
Oh, which sad times are these if, can say a leading of the Grobiane Ni to the old ladies as desired.
« Dutch »
het fucking
the fucking
Nice shirts like you!