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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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In this complicated and ineffable universe, it is important to remember the simple things in life.
« Japanese »
Being this complicated, at inexpressible outer space, as for remembering the simple thing of life it is important.
But the kid isn't my son.
« Turkish »
ama belgili tanýmlýk çocuk isn't benim oðul.
but the infant isn't my swarm of bees.
by Jeet
Some people like their cucumbers better pickled.
« Chinese (simplified) »
Some people like their cucumber being better are dead drunk.
The entire posting thing is getting out of hand. I see a majority of sexual messages.
« Croatian »
cio postavljanje predmet je uzimajući vanjska strana od kazaljka. JA vidjeti većina od seksualni poruke.
whole setting object had getting surface with hand. I to see bigger with sexual messages.
He just not that into you
« Japanese »
Exactly in his you that
« Russian »
i need to find the potty so i can shit
« Japanese »
I take am not enough have the necessity to find, therefore as for me it is it is possible to be every [wa]
by cristian jesus
I've never worn pantyhose, but it sounds dangerous.
« Bulgarian »
I've никога p.p. от wear pantyhose , но то звук опасен.
I've never p.p. from wear pantyhose , but it звук apprehend.
Can I put my penis in you? Sure, I'm free Saturday. Does that work for you?
« Danish »
Kunne JEG opstille mig penis i jer? Sikker , Jeg er omkostningsfrit Lørdag. Gør at arbejde nemlig jer?
Could I pose me painful to you? Certain , I am free Saturday. Doing that jobs that is to say you?
by Shane (quote from Maninthebox)
Where's my money, bitch?
« Turkish »
nereye benim para , dişi köpek?
whither my monetary , female dog?
Nice shirts like you!