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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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world trade center got owend!
« Japanese »
International trade center owend was obtained!
Once upon a time
« Icelandic »
Einu sinni á a tími
One time river a while
Phelps suspended, dropped by Kellogg
« Korean »
Phelps는, Kellogg에 의해 떨어져 중단했다
Phelps fell and in compliance with Kellogg discontinued
Tales likes to have sex with porcupines
« Japanese »
The fact that there is a characteristic where the porcupine has been attached to the story is liked
I just want to have sex with you all night.
« Japanese »
I possess the characteristic where you have been attached exactly and all night want.
I ate the entire collection of mints that were left in my stocking.
« French »
J'ai mangé la collection entière de menthes qui ont été laissées dans mon bas.
J' ate the whole mint collection which was left in my bottom.
by jimothy
take it or leave it.
« Japanese »
Whether or not it receives, decide.
hello kitty!
« Japanese »
Today kitty!
For he is the jolly good fellow.
« Japanese »
It is the companion he may be pleasant for the sake of.
Murder and british persons
« Slovenian »
umor ter britski oseba
wilfully homicide wilfully murder and British whitewasher
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