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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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find a penny pick it up all day long you have goodluck!
« Italian »
trovi tutto il giorno un selezionamento del penny esso in su voi per avere goodluck!
it in on you for having finds all the day a selezionamento of the penny goodluck!
Everybody loves lemons. Eat your lemons, good sir.
« Japanese »
皆はレモンを愛する。 あなたのレモン、よい食べなさい。
Everyone loves the lemon. Your lemon, it is good, eat.
The game
« Swedish »
game, games, the game, the games
by lolol
Scientists in Colombia have unearthed the remains of a true prehistoric monster believed to be the biggest snake ever to have lived on Earth.
« Russian »
Научные работники в Колумбия отрывали остатки истинного доисторического изверга, котор верят, что были самой большой змейкой всегда прожить на земле.
Scientific workers in Columbia tore off the remainders of true prehistoric monster, it was which they believe that they were largest snake always live on the earth.
sadly michael jackson is dead
« Czech »
smutně Michigan honza is bez citu
sadly Michigan Johnny is dead
by silver
« Japanese »
For the second time do to be what, what it is dissatisfaction for the second time, say!
by Pulp Fiction
Former CIA director to serve on spy panel
« Spanish »
Director anterior de la Cia a servir en el panel del espía
Previous director of the company to serve in the panel of the spy
I want sex
« Dutch »
Ik wil geslacht
I want slaughtered
A skunk sat on a stump. Jump, Skunk, Jump.
« German »
Ein Stinktier saß auf einem Stumpf. Sprung, Stinktier, Sprung.
A stinking animal sat on a stump. Leap, stinking animal, leap.
Don't let government set pay
« Russian »
Don' t препятствовал получке правительства установленной
Don' t prevented pay of the government of that established
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