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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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your butt looks quite good in those tight, blue jeans!
« Finnish »
sinun voi ulkomuoto aivan hyvä kotona ne piukka , alakuloinen farkut!
your butter semblance clean good in those tight , melancholy jeans!
Come inside, sir.
« Korean »
안쪽으로 오는, 각하.
Comes in internal, your excellency.
I fucked your mom last night.
« Czech »
JÁ nasraný na tvůj maminka včera večer.
SELF ticked off yours mummifymumifiziert last night.
Marriage is eternal bliss
« Czech »
Manželstvi is nekonečný blaho
Matrimony is without end welfare
« Danish »
painful, awkward, tricky
painful awkward , tricks
by kDanthe
you smell like tuna fish bitch
« Chinese (traditional) »
You smell likely the tuna bitch
when i felt the toilet i was greeted with withering drops of dew
« Welsh »
pryd balfalais 'r doiled buais anerchedig ag yn crino dafnau chan gwlitha
meal I felt ' group toilet I was saluted with withering drops with I dew
my balls hurt!
« Korean »
나의 공은 아팠다!
My public affairs sick!
butt face
« Japanese »
Bat surface
I would rather you not touch me there
« Japanese »
I on the other hand do not touch there in me
Nice shirts like you!