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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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real men wear jeans real boys wear jeans image supplied courtesy of kamikaze casual clothing all rights strictly reserved
« Japanese »
The boy of substance of the jeans of the men's wear of substance has learned the courtesy which is supplied by the image of the jeans of the casual clothing of [kamikaze] which all rights guarantee harshly
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« Latin »
leviculus offensus profundus Click smiley ut suffragium is sursum!
empty-headed offense deep Click smiley when church province this upwards!
if i just found the right sized spanner we'd be back on the road within minutes
« Turkish »
eğer i adil kurmak belgili tanımlık doğru büyüklük karış we'd var olmak sırt üstünde belgili tanımlık yol zarfında zabıtname
if i just set up the straight greatness span we'd exist back on the comrade during protocol
Jazz is a beautiful, awsome service puppy in training for Helping Paws, a non profit organization that trains dogs to assist people with disabilities other than sight and hearing.
« Croatian »
Džez je lijep awsome poslužitelj štene in odgajanje za Pomoć Šape , ne dobit organizacije taj vlakovi psi to pomoći narod sa nedostatak drugom osim vidik i sluh.
Jazz had trig awsome server puppy in tuition for Help Paws , does not profit organizations this trains dogs this to aid you people from an weakness other than vista plus hearing.
by Louise
never do today what you can put off until tomarrow
« Japanese »
What which can be postponed to tomarrow under any condition today does not have to be done,
i like to play catch this, it is fun
« Chinese (traditional) »
I like playing hold this, it is the pleasure
by nisha
i am going to kill myself by breathing in a potato
« Japanese »
I intend probably to kill by your with the breath of the potato
eating bacon with chopsticks is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
« Chinese (traditional) »
Eats with chopsticks' bacon supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
One day a good man said to me, don't eat that fish it's no good.
« Chinese (simplified) »
一天一个好人对我, don'说; t吃那条鱼it' s没有好。
One day of good person to me, don& #039 said; t eats that fish it' s not good.
As a scientist, does it bother you that all your discoveries, no matter how profound will be proven wrong?
« Croatian »
Kao znanstvenik , se Internet gnjaviti te taj svi tvoj proistjecanje , kakogod vrlo dubok htijenje biti provenijencija izvrnut?
As a literary man , does IT harass these this all yours discovering , of how profound volition to be provenance wrong?
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