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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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« Korean »
Criminal case
And as for me, give me liberty or give me bermuda shorts.
« Japanese »
And in regard to me, give freedom to me, or to me give the Bermuda underpants.
mommy, my butt exploded.
« Japanese »
The mother exploded my bat.
I like riding on my motorbike.
« Italian »
Gradico guidare sulla mia motocicletta.
Gradico to guide on my motorcycle.
Do you like the way I rub my nipples?
« Chinese (simplified) »
You like me rubbing my nipple's way?
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.
« Welsh »
'ch fam was a hamster a 'ch dadogi smelt chan elderberries.
' dogs mother servant I go er I go ' dogs father smelt with elderberries.
Até a pé nós iremos, para o que der e vier. Mas o certo é que nos estaremos,com o gremio onde o gremio estiver.
« Japanese »
フィートまで私達は与え、来るべきことのために、行く。 しかし確実性は私達によってがある胸がある胸とのそれらのそれ、ある。
Nós damos aos pés, vamos por causa da coisa que deve vir. Mas connosco que daqueles da caixa que é a caixa que é, há uma certeza.
by Marcos de Carvalho
The Tooth Fairy used to give kids nickels and quarters for their teeth, but now they want that coin with a bear on it.
« Chinese (traditional) »
The tooth monster gave the child frequently in the past their tooth's nickel and the quarter, but they want now with that coin which involved it.
I have three penises.
« Japanese »
There are three penes in me.
World Of Warcraft is the World that Warcraft lost.
« Japanese »
The world of Warcraft is the world where Warcraft loses.
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