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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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You done messed up, A-A-Ron!
« Croatian »
Te ispunjavanja zabrljati gore , - - Ron!
These done mess up up , Ron
suck my tits
« Japanese »
Inhale my [shijiyuukara
When nothing is illegal there shall be no more crime!
« Serbian »
Našto ništa 3. lice od TO BE u prezentu ilegalan onde će umrijeti kriminal!
When anything 3. wis with IT BE from present illegal beyond will lick the dust crime!
"Why don't we just abolish the schools and home-school the kids?"
« Serbian »
" zašto? nemoj nama pravedan prekinuti određeni član škole pa dom - škola određeni član dječji? "
" why? don't us equitable abolish the schools and limited space training the little one? "
"Why don't we just abolish the schools and home-school the kids?"
« Latin »
" quare don't nos iustus aboleo schola quod domus - schola kids? "
" wherefore don't we just to destroy school and household school kids? "
Keep your hands off my kids!
« Turkish »
almak senin yakışıklı uzakta benim kids!
take thine handsome off my kids!
Keep your hands off my kids!
« Serbian »
Držati tvoj ruke k sebi moj dječji!
Hold your ruke to oneself my little one!
Let’s spend today praying for France.
« Latin »
Let’s prodigo hodie precor pro Suffragium.
Let’s drive forth today to beseech for Church province.
Most women can be driven to orgasm by hearing bawdy tales which fly in the face of propriety.
« Filipino »
ang lalong nakararami women maaari maaari itaboy sa organo nina pandinig bawdy salaysay alin lumipad di ang face ng may-ari.
most women possible possible dispel toward organ by hearing bawdy recital which wing in the face of proprietor.
We are the crystal gems, we always save the day! And if you think we can't, we'll always find a way!
« Welsh »
]m 'r chrisial dillynion , ni beunydd achub 'r ddiwrnod! A ai dybi allwn t , ni ll beunydd ca ffordd!
^) smothered ' group crystal beauties , we daily seize ' group day! I go or you suppose we are being able tower , we ll daily I have way!
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