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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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get on the ball!
« Latin »
adepto in ball!
to obtain upon siege engine!
I tumbled violently down the rolling hills to the rocks below.
« Danish »
JEG ramle heftig nede den rullende bakker hen til den gynge nedenstående.
I crash violent down the rolling rises to the swing at foot.
if you wink I will follow
« Croatian »
ukoliko mig JA htijenje udarac
if you wrinkle I volition wipe
england's fabulous eyebrows are big and sexy
« Latin »
england's fabulous eyebrows es magnus quod sexy
england's fable eyebrows are large and sexy
I am the awesome prussia
« Czech »
JÁ am člen určitý děsivý Prus
SELF am the appalling Prussian
Mad-Eye Moody
« Welsh »
'n amwyll - Llygada Moody
' heartburn madness I eye Moody
become one with russia , da?
« Welsh »
d hun ag Rwsia da?
heartburn self with Russia good?
Homer Simpson
« Bulgarian »
Домашно огнище Глупак
Domestic fireplace Foolish
by Anon
vital regions
« Czech »
osudný kraj
mortal section
vital regions
« Welsh »
'n fywydol amgannau
' heartburn of life regions
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