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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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I wont fuck you a lot.
« Croatian »
JA navika karati te puno.
I wont scold these a lot.
What if I just copied whatever result I get and then push the button again?
« Japanese »
When I profit, me copy what kind of result for the second time next exactly, something pushes in the button?
by stay tuned
if i just found the right sized spanner we'd be back on the road within minutes
« Turkish »
eğer i adil kurmak belgili tanımlık doğru büyüklük karış we'd var olmak sırt üstünde belgili tanımlık yol zarfında zabıtname
if i just set up the straight greatness span we'd exist back on the comrade during protocol
Jazz is a beautiful, awsome service puppy in training for Helping Paws, a non profit organization that trains dogs to assist people with disabilities other than sight and hearing.
« Croatian »
Džez je lijep awsome poslužitelj štene in odgajanje za Pomoć Šape , ne dobit organizacije taj vlakovi psi to pomoći narod sa nedostatak drugom osim vidik i sluh.
Jazz had trig awsome server puppy in tuition for Help Paws , does not profit organizations this trains dogs this to aid you people from an weakness other than vista plus hearing.
by Louise
« Croatian »
krma, iscrpsti
stern , work out
by Streetrunner
ljubav nema granica
« Croatian »
ljubav nema granit
love affair does not have granite
never do today what you can put off until tomarrow
« Japanese »
What which can be postponed to tomarrow under any condition today does not have to be done,
something stinks
« Japanese »
Something shoots stench
i have a huge penis, would you like to see it?
« Korean »
나는 거대한 남근이, 하고자 했다 당신 그것을 보고 싶다 있는가?
Me the penis which is enormous, under should have been boiled will see your it and?
You know you want it.
« Croatian »
Te znati koji želite Internet.
These know you want IT.
Nice shirts like you!