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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Yo blah blah, I'm happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Translation Party has one of the best translation games of all time.
« Japanese »
Yo何とかかんとか、I' あなたおよびI'のために幸せなm; mmaは終わることを可能にしたが翻訳党にすべての時間の最もよい翻訳ゲームの1つがある。
Yo somehow the can, I' You and I& Because of #039 happy m; mma made that it ends possible, but there is one of the translation game whose all times are best to the translation party.
by Zack
How do you say two girls one cup in Japanese?
« Japanese »
How you say in order to scoop the girl person 2 with Japanese?
Snap Crackle Pop
« Italian »
Schiocco a schiocco di Crackle
I crack to I crack of Crackle
your funny.
« Welsh »
'ch 'n ddigrif.
' dogs ' heartburn mirthful.
beam me up, scotty
« Slovenian »
žarek mi ki gre gor , Škot
rusty we whom gre upward , Scotty
Oh my God! they killed Kenny! You bastards!
« Croatian »
Oh moj Bog! oni skončan Kennedy! Te kopile!
Oh my Maker! those dead Kennedy! These bastard!
by katy
fuck you i am an anteater
« Chinese (traditional) »
With me is anteater's your sexual intercourse
by Kelcie
I would really have a happy if I had some buttermilk pancakes in front of me.
« Spanish »
Tendría realmente un feliz si comía algunas crepes de suero delante de mí.
It would really have a happy one if crepes of serum in front of me ate some.
My rooster is hiding in the shrub.
« German »
Mein Hahn versteckt sich im Strauch.
My cock hides himself in the bush.
The Legend of Thunder
« Greek »
Ο μύθος της βροντής
The fable of thunder
by Nectaria
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