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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Sweet, merciful crap!
« French »
Merde douce et compatissante !
Shit soft and sympathizing!
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
« Croatian »
crven , naranča , žut , zelen , plava boja , indigo , ljubičast
claret-colored , of course , yellow , verdant , bluish , carbon paper , violet
by potato509
"Is there anybody there?" said the travellor, knocking on the moonlit door; while his horse, in the silence, champed the grasses of the forest's ferny floor.
« Russian »
" Кто-нибудь там? " сказал travellor, стучая на moonlit двери; пока его лошадь, в безмолвии, чавкала травы forest' пол s ferny.
" Someone there? " said travellor, knocking to moonlit of door; thus far its horse, in the silence, champed grass of forest' the sex s of ferny.
Incredible amounts of boredom can lead to heart attacks and severe darkening of the faeces. Watch out!
« French »
Les quantités incroyables d'ennui peuvent mener aux crises cardiaques et à la ternissure grave des fèces. Observez dehors !
Incredible quantities d' trouble can lead to the heart attacks and with the dull spot engraves deposit. Observe outside!
Ignorance is bliss
« Chinese (traditional) »
Ignorant is extremely happy
by Irene
Back in Black
« Icelandic »
Bak í Svartur
Back into Sable
America, America, this is you!
« Chinese (simplified) »
US, US, this is you!
World of Warcraft is a horrible game, also, cocks.
« Japanese »
As for the world of Warcraft the fearful game, in addition, the male it is it is the chicken.
la perseverencia es la llave al éxito
« Spanish »
éxito del al del llave del la del es del perseverencia del la
success of a the one of the key of the one of is of the perseverance of
To be or not to be.
« Chinese (traditional) »
The survival destroys.
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