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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Oh my god! I want to have sex with you now!
« Japanese »
なんてことだ! 私はあなたが付いている性を有し今たいと思う!
The Ohio state my God! I possess the characteristic where you have been attached and now want!
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
« Welsh »
'n fore at gorweddfa a 'n fore at arwyrain makes ddyn 'n iach , 'n ariannog , a 'n brudd.
' heartburn morning to bed I go ' heartburn morning to rise makes man ' heartburn healthy , ' heartburn moneyed , I go ' heartburn grave.
I would like to finish some work before I sleep.
« Korean »
It goes out and before when sleeping ending a some day, me it wants.
Fucking wankers, the lot of you!
« Greek »
Wankers Fucking, your part!
I raped your family and burnt your house down.
« Icelandic »
I rape thy house and burn thy house fuzz.
« Czech »
osel, blbec, drzost, mrd, prdel, šoust
jackass , moron , wiseness , ass , ass , ass
Bow ties are cool.
« Icelandic »
Bogi ties ert kaldur.
Curve ties art cold.
This is a great invention, I bloody well love it!
« Russian »
This there will be large invention, love THE I bloody good it!
I would like to pound your pussy with great vigour.
« Japanese »
I desire the fact that your cat of the great vital force is broken.
I want you
« Welsh »
fi angen 'ch
I need ' dogs
Nice shirts like you!