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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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« Japanese »
For the second time do to be what, what it is dissatisfaction for the second time, say!
by Pulp Fiction
Former CIA director to serve on spy panel
« Spanish »
Director anterior de la Cia a servir en el panel del espía
Previous director of the company to serve in the panel of the spy
I want sex
« Dutch »
Ik wil geslacht
I want slaughtered
A skunk sat on a stump. Jump, Skunk, Jump.
« German »
Ein Stinktier saß auf einem Stumpf. Sprung, Stinktier, Sprung.
A stinking animal sat on a stump. Leap, stinking animal, leap.
Don't let government set pay
« Russian »
Don' t препятствовал получке правительства установленной
Don' t prevented pay of the government of that established
little miss muffet sat on a tuffet
« Japanese »
Muffet which is placed a little with tuffet is let escape
att vara eller icke vara det är frågan
« Slovenian »
to zmnožek ors nots zmnožek je radoveden
den här produkt eller inte produkt där er snoopy
nekad davno imaš društvo i onda ga izgubiš tako da danas.... SJEDIŠ PRED COMPJUTEROM!
« French »
autrefois depuis longtemps l'imaš à la société plus alors GA perdent de sorte qu'aujourd'hui. SIÈGES SOCIAUX MENANT COMPJUTEROM !
prije dug l' imaš at poduzeće onda GA izgubiti od qu ' rod aujourd' danas. GLAVA USLUGA Vršenje COMPJUTEROM!
dio ci salvi!
« Japanese »
Soppressione noi del dio!
Lies! This is all just a conspiracy theory made up by the government, so as to slow down my progress on my world domination plans!
« Japanese »
うそ! これは私の世界の統治の計画の私の進歩を減速するために政府が構成しているすべてにちょうど陰謀理論である!
Lie! As for this government constitutes in order to decelerate my progress of plan of rule of my world, entirely exactly it is conspiracy theory!
by Amit Ron
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