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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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I am a proud lesbian. I enjoy kissing girls.
« Greek »
Είμαι υπερήφανη λεσβία. Απολαμβάνω τα κορίτσια.
I am proud lesbian. I enjoy the girls.
I fart in your general direction
« Icelandic »
ÉG fretur í þinn almennur átt
I fart into thy universal direction
I am a spy, in team fortress 2
« Spanish »
Soy espía, en la fortaleza 2 del equipo
I am spy, in strength 2 of the equipment
When I was walking down the street i found a dog who bite me
« Russian »
Когда я гулял вниз с улицы я нашел собака которое сдерживает меня
When I went for a walk downward from the street I it found dog which it holds in control me
by Mirtchan
Phelps suspended, dropped by Kellogg
« Korean »
Phelps는, Kellogg에 의해 떨어져 중단했다
Phelps fell and in compliance with Kellogg discontinued
take it or leave it.
« Japanese »
Whether or not it receives, decide.
I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am.
« Japanese »
私は緑の卵およびハムを好まない。 私はそれらを、サム私ある好まない。
I do not like the egg or the ham of green. As for me there is sum I, you do not like those.
Kirby is a flaming homosexual
« Slovenian »
Kirby je a živobarven homoseksualen
Kirby there is however flaringly queer
by Wilton
Barack Obama
« Serbian »
Barakaldo Obama
Hut Obama
att vara eller icke vara det är frågan
« Korean »
그 제품 ors nots 제품은 탐구심이 있다
Fabrikaten eller inte produkten är en ande av förfrågan
Nice shirts like you!