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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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so.. I don't really get this thread
« Slovenian »
tudi jaz prepoved pošteno zaslužiti to sukanec
withal yours truly proscription thoroughly win this yarn
Here you go folks, the president of the United States.
« Chinese (simplified) »
You go to the waiter, American president.
by Bobby Joel
May the force be with you
« Slovenian »
maj moč biti s kom vi
may vivacity prevent you
stuff eats other things with gravy
« Latin »
effercio eats alius res per sepulchrum
to cram eats other occurrence very grave
There are problems with your application. Your computer will now shut down and restart.
« Japanese »
あなたの適用の問題がある。 あなたのコンピュータは今締まり、再始動する。
There is a problem of your application. Now it tightens, restarts your computer.
I see what you did there. You have been a naughty little monkey.
« Croatian »
JA vidjeti što te je ima. Te su neodgojen malen majmun.
I to see which these had has a. These have been vulgar small monkey.
Everybody loves lemons. Eat your lemons, good sir.
« Japanese »
皆はレモンを愛する。 あなたのレモン、よい食べなさい。
Everyone loves the lemon. Your lemon, it is good, eat.
The game
« Swedish »
game, games, the game, the games
by lolol
Scientists in Colombia have unearthed the remains of a true prehistoric monster believed to be the biggest snake ever to have lived on Earth.
« Russian »
Научные работники в Колумбия отрывали остатки истинного доисторического изверга, котор верят, что были самой большой змейкой всегда прожить на земле.
Scientific workers in Columbia tore off the remainders of true prehistoric monster, it was which they believe that they were largest snake always live on the earth.
sadly michael jackson is dead
« Czech »
smutně Michigan honza is bez citu
sadly Michigan Johnny is dead
by silver
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