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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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When I was walking down the street i found a dog who bite me
« Russian »
Когда я гулял вниз с улицы я нашел собака которое сдерживает меня
When I went for a walk downward from the street I it found dog which it holds in control me
by Mirtchan
Once upon a time
« Icelandic »
Einu sinni á a tími
One time river a while
Phelps suspended, dropped by Kellogg
« Korean »
Phelps는, Kellogg에 의해 떨어져 중단했다
Phelps fell and in compliance with Kellogg discontinued
Tales likes to have sex with porcupines
« Japanese »
The fact that there is a characteristic where the porcupine has been attached to the story is liked
I just want to have sex with you all night.
« Japanese »
I possess the characteristic where you have been attached exactly and all night want.
take it or leave it.
« Japanese »
Whether or not it receives, decide.
hello kitty!
« Japanese »
Today kitty!
For he is the jolly good fellow.
« Japanese »
It is the companion he may be pleasant for the sake of.
Murder and british persons
« Slovenian »
umor ter britski oseba
wilfully homicide wilfully murder and British whitewasher
I love you, you love me, we're a happy family
« Welsh »
Cara 'ch , cari 'm , ni re a 'n ddedwydd deulu
I love ' dogs , you carry ' ores , we stud I go ' heartburn happy family
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