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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Does this make me look fat?
« French »
Est-ce que ceci fait me fait la graisse de regard ?
Does this made make me the grease of glance?
I need you
« Norwegian »
JEG nød du
I destitution you
My dog ate a rawhide too quickly and vomited blood.
« Korean »
나의 개는 생가죽을 너무 빨리 먹고 혈액을 구토했다.
Ate the house of birth gruel which me folds too and quickly vomited the blood.
Where can I find a bathroom?
« Chinese (simplified) »
Where was I at to be possible to find the bathroom?
Welcome to the real world.
« Icelandic »
Velkominn til the raunverulegur veröld.
Well-met to the virtual world.
free willy or willy will kick yours ass
« Japanese »
Your the donkey you kick free [uiri] or [uiri
let us go on an escapade to the grocery store and get us some amercian cheese
« Latin »
permissum nos vado in an subterlabor ut grocery repono quod adepto nos nonnullus amercian caseus
to allow we go upon or to glide away when grocery to deposit and to obtain we some amercian cheese
by Dylan
Eu sou a mosca que pousou na sua sopa. Eu sou a lâmpida e as muié são as mariposas. As borboletas estão voando, o vôo louco das borboletas. Quem vai voar não quer cair, só quer voar. Avôa! As borboletas estão invadindo os apartamentos, cinemas e bares!
« Latin »
EGO sum no ut sedatus in suus ius. EGO sum lâmpida unus quod muié est butterflies. butterflies es volatilis , torva fuga of butterflies. Quisnam goes volo does non volo occumbo , tantum volo volo. Avôa! butterflies es pervasor apartments , cinis quod bars!
Mim a ser nadar quando acalmado em cima de seu juramento. Eu a ser o lâmpida um e o muié sou borboletas. as borboletas são voadas, vôo selvagem das borboletas. Quidnam vai mim quer mim não quer cair, simplesmente eu me quero quero. Avôa! as borboletas são apartamentos, cineris e barras do invasor!
by Marrí
Reasons don't matter to the dead
« Hungarian »
Okok nem anyag -hoz halott
Reasons not substance yield dead
Hello , you are very cool. so am i. lets go fishing
« Japanese »
こんにちは、非常に涼しい。 そうAM I.は採取することを行くために割り当てる
Today is cool very. So picking it allots AM I. in order to go
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