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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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want to go to dinner baby? hell yes you do you whore ass bitch, I just kill you, let's eat dinner first cause I'm fucking hungry
« Korean »
It goes to the dinner baby, Sip u ten:00 bedspreads? Hell it will be like that and it will spread out and extensive the prostitution vice- donkey female and B it will kill only and and,, it goes out and and and hungry sexual intercourse eat a dinner 1st cause
I am the best fucking stalker of the fucking zone that has ever fucking lived!
« Hungarian »
Am I the prime whore stalker bl whore zone that possesses sometime whore she was alive!
oh my fucking god this fucking shit is fucking kick ass, fucking damn it holy fucking damn shit sucking fuck face
« Korean »
The human waste where the shoes which Ohio me severe is severe Damn it is severe to have sexual intercourse and a human waste which is severe is severe it will suck the donkey sexual intercourse face which it kicks hard new star grudge it is
This is a trap, fucking traps all the time, all my life shitty fucking traps
« Japanese »
This the trap is the trap of the trap all my life shitty fucking which always has sexual intercourse
sometimes I like to scratch the inside of my nose when no one is looking, then I dispose of my findings on the nearest baby's face
« Latin »
sometimes I to love to scratch out sit upon something of my nose when no one is facial expression , then I to arrange of my findings upon nearest infancy likeness
I kick ass.
« German »
I step donkeys.
I throw my cat around and eventually he shits all over the place.
« Swedish »
SELF throw mine cats around and eventually he dirt all over place.
I thought it was sad when the dog died.
« Filipino »
me essence it was sad when the follow - follow died.
Your fucking nicked me old beauty
« Finnish »
Your fuck nick me old beauty
Fuck off.
« Japanese »
Keep coming out.
Nice shirts like you!