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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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« Welsh »
ted, I go, I will go, I will be going, do I go, am I going, will I go, will I be going, who, that, which, and
ted , I rather , I will rather , I will be going , I come I rather , about I going will I rather will I be going who , hey were depressing which and
by Riti
I wont fuck you a lot.
« Croatian »
JA navika karati te puno.
I wont scold these a lot.
If your nose itches, you are going to kiss a fool.
« Serbian »
Da tvoj nos svrbež , te biti lijeganje poljubac jedan budala.
Yes your nose itch , you subsist lying down kiss a ape.
Who let the dogs out?
« Chinese (simplified) »
Who bleeds off the dog?
Do the stanky leg!
« Icelandic »
Gera the staða fótur!
Do the staða tootsie!
I have just made an ass of myself
« German »
Ich habe gerade einen Esel von mich gebildet
I formed a straight donkey of me
by Angelo
You surely are a truly gifted kid But you're only good as The last great thing you did
« Welsh »
'ch 'n ddiball ydy a 'n ddiau 'n ddawnus fyn Namyn 'ch ' re ond da fel 'r bara 'n fawr beth gwnaech
' dogs ' heartburn unfailing he is being I go ' heartburn true ' heartburn gifted he wishes Except ' dogs ' stud except good like ' group bread ' heartburn large thing you did
by Akrid
fancy a quick nibble?
« Croatian »
fantazija brzo grickati?
phantasy quick nibble?
I would like to kiss your breasts
« Japanese »
I desire the fact that it kisses to your chest
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« Croatian »
Potreba Engleski jezik to Hrvatski prevođenje? Ima app za taj.
Want English this Croatian the translation? Has a app for this.
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