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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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sarah palin can see russia from her house
« Latin »
sarah vallum can animadverto russia ex suus domus
sarah ditch can notice russia out of his household
I think therefore I am… I think.
« Croatian »
JA misliti stoga JA am… JA misliti.
I trow whence I am… I trow.
by Marko I.
o tempo passa as marcas se marcam,mais a pureza do dia traz lembranças que o tempo não apagou.
« Japanese »
Se mostra o tempo, pureness de muitos sinais do dia onde o símbolo qual o tempo quando vier tendo não desliga é transferido.
by Alan Sidrim
i don't want to hurt you, i just want to kill you
« Greek »
ι don' το τ θέλει να σας βλάψει, θέλω ακριβώς να σας σκοτώσω
I don&? #039 the t wants it harms you, I want precisely to you to kill
Excuse me, where is the restroom?
« Latin »
Indulgeo mihi , qua est retineo?
To pardon me , by which route is to remember?
make it so
« Russian »
сделайте его так
make it thus
Back then hoes did not want me now I am hot hoes all on me.
« Greek »
Οι πίσω έπειτα σκαπάνες δεν με θέλησαν τώρα εγώ είναι καυτές σκαπάνες όλες σε με.
The behind then hoes did not want me now i are boiling hot hoes all in with.
John McCain was the finest Republican presidential candidate since George W Bush, and is in no way senile or decrepit.
« Japanese »
As for John McCain was not the Republican Party candidate for the presidency whose ever since of the George W bush is best and, old age characteristic or the old age wart [re] it is absolutely.
I prefer the horror genre.
« Chinese (traditional) »
I like the terrorist style.
by Archonus
I smell like beef
« Japanese »
As for me like the beef smell does
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