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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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When I look at your beautiful face, I weep in simple amazement.
« Dutch »
Wanneer ik uw mooi gezicht bekijk, huil ik in eenvoudige verbazing.
When I examine your beautiful face, I cry in simple stupefaction.
Big bad bear
« Finnish »
Aikamoinen epäkelpo kannattaa
Rattling poor sponsor
our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name
« Korean »
신성하게 한 천국에 있는 예술이 thy 이름을 대있는 우리의 아버지
Holy, the art which is in one heaven thy names our father who is the unit
yes. please can i have the shicken but without the cream sauce
« Latin »
etiam commodo can ego have shicken tamen vacuus crepito sauce
as yet to make fit can I fui shicken nothwithstanding empty to rattle sauce
wow that is alot of drugs what am i going to do with that
« Japanese »
Be impressed it should make that it is no many medicine where am I who have been done
by dj
My baby daddy has another baby momma
« Japanese »
There is momma of another baby in the father of my baby
I am breathing.
« Finnish »
I-KIRJAIN olen hengitys..
I - LETTER am respiration.
I am a student of architecture.
« Croatian »
Ja sam student od arhitektura.
I am a November with architecture.
fuck the shit out of your mom
« Hungarian »
baszik a shit kívül -a anyu
fuck the shit without the mummy
Take me home and fuck me senseless.
« Japanese »
Take house me, non division have sexual intercourse.
Nice shirts like you!