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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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I went down on your mom
« Hungarian »
Mentem legyőz -ra -a anyu
I went whip ra the mummy
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
« Spanish »
¿Cuál es la velocidad de la velocidad aérea de un trago descargado?
Which is the speed of the aerial speed of an unloaded drink?
volcano and a messenger fish fuck
« Japanese »
The fish of the volcano and the messenger has sexual intercourse
I'd tap that.
« German »
I' d-Hahn das.
I' D-cock that.
by Billy
i hate idiots.
« Japanese »
I hate the fool.
your mom went down on me
« Hungarian »
-a anyu ment legyőz nálam
the mummy went whip on me
rickies drunk. rickies stoned. rickies drunk and stoned. im not drunk!
« Chinese (traditional) »
被喝的rickies。 rickies扔了石頭。 被喝和扔石頭的rickies。 im不醉酒!
Rickies which drinks. rickies has thrown the stone. Is drunk and throws the stone rickies. im not alcoholic intoxication!
My mother loves roses. She smells them when she walks by.
« Japanese »
私の母性愛のばら。 彼女は彼女が歩くときそれらをかぐ。
Rose of my motherhood love. As for her when she walks, those the [gu].
by Jhills
I've attached a copy of our bank statement and the reports that sage prints out.
« Italian »
I' la VE ha attaccato una copia della nostra dichiarazione di banca e dei rapporti che la salvia stampa.
I' the VE has attacked a copy of our declaration of bank and the relationships that the salvia it prints.
One obstacle to replacing traditional phone service with Voice over IP is that for your existing home phone jacks to work, it's necessary to make a change to your inside telephone wiring.
« Spanish »
Un obstáculo a substituir servicio de teléfono tradicional por voz sobre el IP es ése para que sus gatos de teléfono casero existentes trabajen, it' s necesario realizar un cambio a su cableado interior del teléfono.
An obstacle to replace service of traditional telephone by voice on the IP is that one so that their existing cats of homemade telephone work, it' s necessary to realise a change to its inner wiring of the telephone.
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