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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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i need to find the potty so i can shit
« Japanese »
I take am not enough have the necessity to find, therefore as for me it is it is possible to be every [wa]
by cristian jesus
Can I put my penis in you? Sure, I'm free Saturday. Does that work for you?
« Danish »
Kunne JEG opstille mig penis i jer? Sikker , Jeg er omkostningsfrit Lørdag. Gør at arbejde nemlig jer?
Could I pose me painful to you? Certain , I am free Saturday. Doing that jobs that is to say you?
by Shane (quote from Maninthebox)
lets go and sleep in the same bed together
« Japanese »
With the same bed it allots in order to sleep entering simultaneous,
The flute ate the trumpet, slashed the tuba, and was made deaf by the piccolo.
« Icelandic »
The þverflauta ate the trompet , rista the túba , og var heyrnarlaus við the pikkólóflauta.
The flute the trumpet , toast the bass horn , and var deaf accustom the piccolo.
la perseverencia es la llave al éxito
« Spanish »
éxito del al del llave del la del es del perseverencia del la
success of a the one of the key of the one of is of the perseverance of
man who go to bed with itchy bum wake up with smelly finger
« Chinese (simplified) »
Goes to bed with bum's person who itches awakes with has the stink finger
Suck my dick, bitch.
« Spanish »
Aspire a mi dick, perra.
It inhales dick, dog.
It is like a finger pointing the way to the moon. Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.
« Latin »
Is est amo a finger cuspis via ut luna. Operor non incumbo in finger vel vos mos requiro quicumque uranicus palma.
This is to love a finxi spear road when moon. To work not to apply oneself upon finxi or you will to seek etc heavenly glory.
Women and Men eat breakfast in bed.
« Romanian »
Femei şi Bărbaţi a mînca gustare de dimineaţă înăuntru pat.
Women and Men eat breakfast in butt.
It's my birthday soon!
« Welsh »
'i s 'm ben-blwydd 'n ebrwydd!
' I sound ' ores birthday ' heartburn quick!
by CDiFan237
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