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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Why was the blonde mad when she got her drivers license back? Because she got an ''F'' in Sex.
« Korean »
She will turn her driver license and when receiving, golden hair America chyess was the n the thing why? Her in definite plan ''F '' because it gets.
Why was the blonde mad when she got her drivers license back? Because she got an ''F'' in Sex.
« Japanese »
As for the lunatic of the blonde when why she recovers her driver's permit, oh it is high. It meaning that she obtains characteristic ' ' F ".
A blonde is like a pooltable, put a dollar in and she'll rack your balls.
« Japanese »
The blonde like pooltable, is the dollar which is put, she bothers your sphere.
So the blonde smells the perfume and asks her friend, "Does this smell like come to you? Because it doesn't smell like come to me."
« Japanese »
So, you ask smell of the blonde to the perfume her friend, "you coming to you, you like this smell? Being, that comes to me the way, smell does not do. "
Most Americans don't have the slightest idea where Macedonia is.
« Japanese »
There is Macedonia in most Americans, there is no littlest thought.
I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn't look good either.
« Japanese »
As for me concerning the 1st only 1 person happiness it is possible not to be. Today is not your day. Tomorrow you do not see carefully.
Oh my goodness, this is too fucking funny.
« Japanese »
Ohio state is my merit, this strange sexual intercourse excessively.
« Chinese (traditional) »
You are hung like a rain deer
« Serbian »
You subsist had snowdrop uoblièiti a rain deer
by Bojan
America is the greatest country in the whole world
« Japanese »
America being the entire world, is the largest country
by Andrew
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