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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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« English »
« English »
« English »
money makes the world go around
« Latin »
pertaining to a journey to set in place the world to turn like a wheel
money makes the world go around
« Czech »
moneys writings the world swift aromatically
money makes the world go around
« Chinese (simplified) »
The money makes the world to take a walk in all directions
money makes the world go around
« Korean »
The money went back the world
money makes the world go around
« Russian »
den'g makes peace go around
What do blondes do for foreplay ? Remove their underwear.
« Latin »
Anyone to work blondes to work for foreplay? To take away by force its underwear.
Why was the blonde mad when she got her drivers license back? Because she got an ''F'' in Sex.
« Icelandic »
Why var the blonde wrong when she litter her driver licensor back? Accordingly she litter indefinite article into English ''F'' into Sex.
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