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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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sexy sexy bar
« Japanese »
Being sexy, the sexy stick
por que no te callas
« English »
de modo que usted no cierre para arriba usted mismo
Damn! i died again spanish moth eats many goodwill
« Icelandic »
shit I died back away hrökklast Spanish moth eats poly- housewife
by Jack
My testicles are bigger than the state of Texas and Chuck Norris is cool but not cooler than a 300 kilo man getting his balls shaved with a chainsaw. By the way i have a sick mind ha ha.
« Chinese (traditional) »
My testicle cool but not cool obtains his ball the Texas state and Chuck Norris 300 kilogram people to blow is bigger than with chainsaw. I by the way have a morbid state brains ha ha.
peters pecker picked another pickle brain pussy pepper
« Slovenian »
petersham woodpecker select another pickle upper storey ulcerously pepper
my friend is gay and wants to suck dick. i hope he dies a painful death.
« Turkish »
my companion bkz. hi joyous and wish for had straight suck twat. i hope he Diesel a painful death.
Paul - my flesh hog needs cleaning
« Swedish »
Paul mine meat hogs needs cleaning
by Scott
Metalica moj najbolji drug
« Slovenian »
metal my the most therapeutic
by GoGo
English to _________ and back again. See what's lost (or gained) in translation.
« Japanese »
再度_________ 及び背部への英語。(失われるか、または) 得られるものが翻訳で見なさい。
For the second time English to the _________ and the back section. (It is lost, or or) those which are obtained see with translation.
by GoGo
« Korean »
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