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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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i am no good, you are no better, would not we be perfect together?
« Japanese »
Me it is good, it is better, there is no perfection together it is not we?
would you like to hear a song
« Chinese (traditional) »
You must listen to the song
by Ben
holy crap!
« Italian »
schifezza santa!
Saint schifezza!
i am a sexy beast, so all of you fuckers can suck my nuts. i'll dip them in marinara sauce for you.
« Japanese »
私はセクシーな獣である、従ってあなた方皆はfuckers私のナットを吸ってもいい。 i' llはあなたのためのmarinaraソースのそれらを浸す。
I am the sexy animal, therefore your everyone may inhale the fuckers my nut. i' ll dampens those of the marinara source because of you.
I am a proud lesbian. I enjoy kissing girls.
« Dutch »
Ik ben een trotse lesbienne. Ik geniet van kussend meisjes.
I am a proud lesbian. I enjoy kissing little girls.
I like to rock out with my cock out.
« Russian »
Я люблю тряхнуть вне с моим краном вне.
I love to shake outside with my crane outside.
You're a big piggy
« Welsh »
'ch re a 'n fawr piggy
' dogs stud I go ' heartburn large piggy
Doom on you!
« Japanese »
Your destiny!
this is so fucking cool
« Korean »
이것은 이렇게 차가운 성교이다
This is like this cold sexual intercourse
when you die i'll scatter your ashes in a toilet then scatter something else in it too
« Korean »
당신이 i' 죽을 때; ll 살포는 화장실에 있는 당신의 재 그 때 그것에 있는 다른 것을 역시 뿌린다
You this i& #039 when dying; ll scattering the something else as well re-that time your is in the bathroom there is to it and sprinkles
Nice shirts like you!