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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Llama Llama Duck
« Italian »
Anatra del lama del lama
Duck of the blade of the blade
Negro what?
« Portuguese »
Negro que?
Black that?
Laughing my ass off
« Korean »
나의 당나귀를 일소에 붙이기
Attaching my donkey in smile,
by nyepie
you fucked her. she fucked the other dude. now you have crabs. loser
« Japanese »
彼女と性交した。 彼女は他の男と性交した。 今カニがある。 敗者
Her it had sexual intercourse. She had sexual intercourse the other man. Now there is a crab. Loser
I'm eating toast, care to join me in this session of toast eating?
« Japanese »
I' トーストの食べることのこの会議の私を結合するためにトースト、心配を食べるmか。
I' M where the toast and worry are eaten in order to connect me of at this meeting of the thing which the toast is eaten.
Snort some crack.
« Russian »
Snort некоторый отказ.
Snort a certain failure.
Surely there must be someone who can fly this plane
« Japanese »
There must be someone who can throw this airplane certainly
by Fluf
What's up?
« Korean »
What' 위로 s?
What' Comfort s?
Did the poop fall in the toilet?
« Welsh »
Did 'r poop adfeilia i mewn 'r doiled?
Bit ' group poop I fall in ' group toilet?
dip shit
« Danish »
dip lort
dip shit
Nice shirts like you!