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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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monster truck
« Russian »
тележка изверга
the cart of the monster
do you like chicken?
« Latin »
operor vos amo pullus?
to work you to love young?
i wanna be the very best. that no one ever was. to catch them is my test, to train them is my cause. POKEMON!
« Japanese »
私は最もよくたいと思う。 誰もなかったこと。 それらを訓練するためにそれらをつかまえることは私のテスト、である私の原因である。 POKEMON!
I think that we would like to be best. Was no one. The fact that those are caught in order to train those my test, is my cause of being. POKEMON!
tko čeka taj dočeka
« Latin »
quisnam čeka is opportunus
funta čeka ovaj napadaj
« Chinese (simplified) »
Work high above the ground construction worker
by CDiFan237
Bill Gates
« Welsh »
Big Byrth
Point Ferries
English to _________ and back again. See what's lost (or gained) in translation.
« Welsh »
Saesneg at _________ a bacia ail. Canfod beth s ar goll ( ai elwedig ) i mewn chyfieithiad.
English to _________ I go I back a second time. See thing sound lost ( or gained ) in translation.
Give me back that fillet of fish!
« Chinese (traditional) »
For me fish that fillet!
« Japanese »
We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun
« Korean »
우리는 기쁨이, 우리 보았다 재미를, 우리 햇빛 속에 보냈다 절기를 있었다
We were joy, us the seasonal datum which sends the fun which sees, to our sunshine inside
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