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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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I have to take a crap, I'll be right back.
« Korean »
I, have the trash after the right side will connect i go and.
You have incredibly beautiful tits. Can I feel them?
« Korean »
It will spread out and possibility Ubs whom it will believe there is beautiful light another family. It feels them possibility there is I?
Dear Tom, Please stop deleting my great sayings. I'm trying to make your piece of crap site fun. Love, Scott
« Swedish »
Dear Vacant , Please stop obliteration mine grand saying. I'm trying to make your piece of crap site fun. Love , Scotch
Please eat your carrots.
« Danish »
Please capture yours walk.
by Mirrf
Well fuck me sideways
« Norwegian »
Brisk fuck my edgeways
Holy crap, that is the craziest shit I've ever seen!
« Russian »
Holiest is buckwheat, then there will be by the craziest shit, I is which it always saw!
Jack be nimble, jack be quick. Jack jumps over the candle stick.
« Turkish »
lifting-jack exist nimble , lifting-jack exist quick. lifting-jack spring over the wax thock stick.
My mother is retarded
« Korean »
My mother delays
.......with your cock!
« Welsh »
with ' dogs dart!
battered sausage and chips twice please.
« Romanian »
battery sausage and handsome double please.
Nice shirts like you!