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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Knock knock. Who's there?
« German »
Schlagschlag. Who' s dort?
Impact impact. Who' s there?
by Nicole
horse penis
« Korean »
말 남근
The penis which rolls up
your poop smells horrible
« Korean »
당신의 고물은 무섭게 냄새맡는다
Your second-hand article sniff horribly,
Where do you keep the crackers?
« Norwegian »
Der hvor vil du oppbevare det sprakk?
Where do you keep facts cracked?
by Carol!!!!!!:-P
I appear to have done something very bad in your kitchen...
« Latin »
EGO videor facio quispiam valde nocens in vestri kitchen.
I to be seen to sacrifice anyone intensely bad upon your kitchen.
Do you like pie?
« Japanese »
The pie which you like?
I love the way you look at me and touch me. I think its very sexual.
« Japanese »
私はあなたが私を見る愛し、私に触れる方法を。 私は非常に性を考える。
I you look at me, it is dear, the method of touching me. I think of characteristic very.
scratch: the ultimate DJ
« Korean »
찰상: 궁극적인 DJ
Scratch: DJ where is ultimate
I hate fuck with ass.
« Japanese »
I hate the sexual intercourse of the donkey.
having a ball
« Croatian »
vlasništvo lopta
legal estate sphere
Nice shirts like you!