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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Funnel cake or love, there is no easy answer.
« Hungarian »
Tölcsér süti vagy szerelem , nincs könnyű válaszol.
Horns cookie or love , there is not floaty return.
lately my underpants have been going places no man has gone before ... no women for that matter ... only some slightly smelly fingers
« Japanese »
Recently directly as for my underwear, with the person…Before the woman…Certain barely it smelled and it is the place where just the finger did not go and goes at this point in time
I'm beautiful no matter what they say cause' words can't bring me down
« Slovenian »
I'm lep ni važno kakšen govore vzrok izraziti z besedami can't privleči mi niz
I'm well featured there's nothing in it what kind of they say wherefore venture Z word can't bring vt we web
People are stupid.
« Danish »
Folk er indskrænket.
They is limited.
my donkey is my daughter.
« Czech »
má osel is má dcera.
has jackass is has daughter.
She's not my four-legged kid
« Slovenian »
She's ne svoj štiri - gamaše nesmisel
She's thingummy your quadri- leggings without rime or reason
life is hard
« Croatian »
život je tvrdo
curriculum vitae had niggardly
by katy
may we have sex?
« Japanese »
We may possess characteristic?
I like to go shopping for shirts, but my favorite thing to buy are dresses.
« Turkish »
I beğenmek -e doğru gitmek alışveriş için gömlek , ama benim bkz. favour şey -e doğru satın almak are giydirmek.
I like had straight go to buying and selling in shirt , but my bkz. whiskers thing had straight purchase are clothe.
I love anal sex
« Spanish »
Amo el sexo anal
Master anal sex
by brandon
Nice shirts like you!