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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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beam me up, scotty
« Slovenian »
žarek mi ki gre gor , Škot
rusty we whom gre upward , Scotty
I got it bad, so bad. I am hot for teacher.
« Croatian »
JA je dobio Internet loš , na taj naèin loš. Ja sam naljut za vas nauèiti.
I got IT unsatisfactory , to this mode unsatisfactory. I am a hot for you to learn.
my pussy is wet
« Italian »
il mio pussy è bagnato
mine pussy it is bathed
Oh, fuck.
« Icelandic »
Núll , ríða.
Zero , screw.
by superkat
HA HA! Funny-ness :) SO. How is your reduction crunch? :)
« Japanese »
HA HA! おかし岬:) そう。 あなたの減少はいかにクランチであるか。 :)
HA HA! It is strange the promontory:) So. Is your decrease how crunching? :)
I would really have a happy if I had some buttermilk pancakes in front of me.
« Spanish »
Tendría realmente un feliz si comía algunas crepes de suero delante de mí.
It would really have a happy one if crepes of serum in front of me ate some.
I would really have a happy if I had some buttermilk pancakes in front of me.
« Chinese (simplified) »
If I edible a cream breast thin fried cake I will have happily truly in front of me one.
My rooster is hiding in the shrub.
« German »
Mein Hahn versteckt sich im Strauch.
My cock hides himself in the bush.
Plane makes splash landing in harbor
« French »
L'avion fait l'atterrissage d'éclaboussure dans le port
L' plane made l' landing d' splash in the port
Who's on first?
« Icelandic »
Who's á fyrstur?
Who's river primordial?
Nice shirts like you!