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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Delicious recipes at :)
« Japanese » のおいしい調理法は:)
As for the cooking method whose is tasty: )
by Wasabi Bratwurst
can i get a what what?
« Japanese »
Whatever whatever I may obtain?
did you get it?
« Norwegian »
did du bli den?
did you become it?
do you need, help?
« Danish »
lave jer savn , hjælp?
get you needs , benefits?
may i help you
« Danish »
må jeg hjælp jer
can i benefits you
« Danish »
comprise, build, create, form
comprise build create , fitness
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« Norwegian »
Endre omgangsspråk :
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from fjords to mountains
« Norwegian »
fra fjords å fjell
at inlets to alps
fuck that
« Norwegian »
fuck det
fuck facts
school is lame
« Norwegian »
skolen er klagesang
school am lament
Nice shirts like you!