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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Sam has some mates sleeping over tonight.
« Dutch »
SAM heeft sommige partners die vanavond slapen over.
SAM have some partners who sleep vanavond.
by Lol
o shit
« Korean »
o human waste
I don't eat berries but i'd eat a berry like Halle though
« Latin »
EGO don't eat bacca tamen i'd eat a bacca amo Aula sententia
I don't eat berry nothwithstanding i'd eat a berry to love Court sentiment
Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with
« Greek »
Γενιά ain't γεύσης Wu τίποτα στο fuck με
Generation ain't of flavour Wu nothing in fuck with
George Bush is a compassionate conservative
« Latin »
George Frutex est a pius conservative
Agricultural Shrub is a dutiful conservative
Red sky at night, sailor's delight
« Japanese »
The sky whose joy of the night and the crew is red
Put the lime in the coconut.
« Danish »
Opstille den lime i den kakao.
Pose the glue to the cocoa.
by Sarah
Who let the dogs out?
« Japanese »
Someone made the dog possible?
I seem to have sprayed sperm all over
« Spanish »
Me parezco haber rociado la esperma todo encima
I above look like to have sprinkled the sperm all
You have awesome boobs. Want to have sex?
« Japanese »
驚くばかりのboobs がある。性を持ちたいと思いなさいか。
There is boobs of the just you are surprised. Think that we would like to have characteristic?
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